7 Reasons Why Destination Weddings Are Better Than Local Weddings

Home Is Where The Heart Is!

This is a popular saying and is definitely true. Getting hitched from far away is a unique, romantic and splendid way to celebrate your happiness.

A destination wedding involves just the two of you; the family and friends that love you the most; an exotic locale and a lovely, memorable week-long vacation or reunion. Weddings venues in Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Dubai and India will give you a mesmerizing experience. Like any other thing in life, destination weddings also have its pros and cons. However, the perks of a long distance wedding will take you by surprise.

Destination weddings are a grand way to ensure that you have your dream wedding just the way you want it – here’s why.

Dream Wedding at Dream Destination

You may think long distance wedding venues in Jaipur or Goa (in India) and dubai ,bali or thailand beaches -may be difficult to orchestrate. However this is not the case. Destination weddings are much simpler to plan and execute with the help of Destination wedding organizers.

Just choose your dream destination whether it is Royal Rajasthan with Palatial backdrop or bright blue skies and beach backdrop of Goa or any international exotic location for your big day.

You can choose any theme for making your dream wedding glamorous. Be it a royal wedding or fairytale wedding according to the destination you choose and you can enjoy every bit of it to the fullest with the help of Destination wedding Organizers.

Destination wedding involves participation of both Bride and Groom

Destination weddings are quite exciting, fun and romantic to plan and execute. Normally in locale wedding Bride side play a major role in planning a wedding but if a destination wedding is planned then its been seen that both bride and groom play equal role in planning, executing and sharing expense. You get to spend quality time with your groom in planning all events through the wedding. Start from picking up the right flowers (that you both adore), organize personalized events and games, choosing a perfect theme for different occasions , a combined bachelorette party for your gang, and much more to your delight./p>

Stress-Free And Non-Loaded Wedding

Wedding is the most special day to enjoy to the fullest. How about a stress-free wedding Pattaya package? Or a destination wedding holidays to Abu Dhabi? The Destination wedding planners will take care of all the tit-bits and leave you free to witness every moment of grandeur at the wedding. All you have to do is show up the day or two before the wedding

Affordable Exotic Destination Wedding

In India the average wedding costs is around 50 lakhs for approx 3 functions for approx 500 pax Whereas Destination Weddings can cost between 30 to 35 lakhs which includes 2 night stay,all meals, activities, and your wedding ceremonies for approx 200 pax . Flying during the low season and booking in advance can also cut costs. Destination wedding packages will give you and your guests’ quality time to spend with each other at an exotic venue and Destination wedding planners have their negotiated rates and expertise in organizing a thematic wedding at Destination of your choice. Look out for details on wedding packages in Abu Dhabi here.

Quality Guest List

A destination wedding takes hours of travel to attend and a little bit of extra cash on your guests part, it’s going to weed out many people from attending your wedding. Look at this as a blessing. The people who make the journey to attend your wedding will be the most important people in your lives. You’ll have a chance to spend quality time bonding with those closest to you, as you celebrate one of the important days of your life. This limited guest list indirectly makes your Destination wedding more affordable in comparison to locale wedding.

Holiday and Vacation

Your guests will never forget your wedding since it’s also a holiday for them.

Not only will your wedding be unforgettable to you, but your guests will only remember the truly special weddings, where they too felt like it was a special time for them and believe me, no one ever forgets a holiday. Destination weddings give your guests the opportunity to escape their daily routine and they will look forward to attend it whether it’s a weekday or weekend.

Lifetime memories :The Photos!

Your wedding album is full of beautiful backdrops of beautiful destination. You have total bragging rights because the part of the allure of a destination wedding is the actual destination and showing it off in your beautiful wedding photography. You can plan pre wedding shoot at the most beautiful places of the destination you choose to marry. You’ll have plenty of worthy pics to cherish forever.

A destination wedding provides excitement, fun, romance, pleasure, and memories that both the couple and the guests can cherish for a lifetime.

So get in touch with destination wedding planners straight away and book your exclusive packages now.

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