Marry the South and the North cultures in your wedding

14 April 2021
Weddings are a magnificent affair in India. It’s not simply an association of two individuals, but two families wherein both sides meet up to bring about this sacred union through matrimony while ravishing in the happiness and joyousness of the upcoming wedding celebrations. From the beautiful and dazzling sangeet ceremony, the bride’s extraordinary Mehendi, enthusiastic Haldi and Choora ceremonies to the excellent wedding, numerous rituals await the groom’s and bride’s participation wherein the preparations must not fall short of their expectations.
To ensure that the most important day of your life goes perfect, wedding event planner in Delhi like Luxury Wedding Plans extend all-encompassing services to craft beautiful wedding celebration to make your special day extra grand and memorable. As one of the best luxury wedding planners in Delhi, Luxury Wedding Plans makes all the optimal arrangements that a magnificent wedding entails, offering numerous wedding destination options to fulfil the dream and vision you have of the day that marks new beginnings for you with your partner. Here are a few top wedding destinations to make your special occasion an unforgettable event, just as it deserves to be.

    You may find it surprising that Gurgaon finds its mentions as one of the best destinations to hold your wedding. Gurgaon offers numerous options for resorts and hotels for holding wedding celebrations that are synonymous with luxury and magnificent. From royal to minimalistic, Gurgaon has the answer to your desires for the most special day of your life.


    Udaipur, as the best destination for hosting mesmerizing weddings, needs no introductions. It appears on the top of the wedding bucket list of brides and grooms. It doesn’t fail to amaze with its rich architectural heritage, grand palaces, colours and vibrancy, wherein the clear blue skies and gorgeous lakes serve as the perfect backdrop for holding luxury wedding celebrations.


    Grand forts, magnificent mansions, breathtaking architecture- what more does one need from a destination to hold their weddings? The venues are top-notch, the options for entertainment activities are endless, and the food’s deliciousness is indescribable in words. It is the perfect place to feel like royalty while getting married.

    A marriage ceremony by the sea is the dream of many, and Goa is the perfect place to make it a reality. The beautiful resorts, jawdropping view of the beaches, the ambience present a combination that makes the entire wedding celebrations hundredfold more spectacular, stunning and exciting. It is also a popular spot for pre-wedding shoots due to the beautiful scenery and backdrop it offers.
    Weddings are meant to be enjoyable, beautiful and unforgettable and not stressful because of all the preparations involved and arrangement requirements. Luxury wedding plans, one of the finest wedding event planner in Delhi, has years of experience and a qualified team to embellish your wedding celebrations with the right decor, food, accommodation, entertainment, and destination to make the entire experience delightful, exhilarating and flawless.



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