Marry the South and the North cultures in your wedding

14 April 2021
Weddings in their entirety are a true amalgamation of two people’s beliefs, likes, dislikes and most importantly, their culture and traditions. With the growing acceptance of society towards a union that transcends cultural boundaries, intercaste marriages that bear witness to the coming together of two cultures have become a growing trend as prominently observed on social media and in the lives of your favourite celebrities. Today, what we are celebrating in weddings is the cultures of both bride and groom in the various functions and celebrations, with their happiness magnified by the expertise and efforts of a professional wedding planner who understands the importance of a wedding that is closer to their hearts and traditions.
Collaborating with the best wedding planners in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, or wherever your search leads you ensures that your wedding celebrations are infused with your cultures in the various facets of the wedding, from the mouthwatering food to the auspicious rituals. After all, who doesn’t want glamorous wedding decorations, delicacies that satisfy their guest’s palettes, and an abundance of joy and relief with all the necessary preparations shifted to the shoulders of experts and professionals. Let’s take a look at the contribution of experienced professionals like Luxury Wedding Plans in making your cross-cultural wedding a huge hit for you and your guests.
  1. Gone are the days when there was a constant tug of war between the two families as to which culture will emerge victorious to be the face of the wedding celebrations. Now, the times are different with weddings that boast of two cultures coming together, even evident for your favourite celebrities like the DeepVeer wedding. So how do you achieve that? With the help of experienced wedding planners, you can have separate functions that follow the specific cultures’ themes. The decor’s arrangements, including the flowers, sitting arrangements, entertainment activities, clothing and makeup, can be as per the distinct traditions, executed and ideated with the assistance of the right wedding planners who are aware of its various nuances.
  2. Another important component of a memorable wedding is delicious food. It is also the perfect opportunity to display the uniqueness of the two cultures through an assortment of delicacies that leaves an unforgettable taste on everyone’s palette. The wedding menu can accommodate varieties like shahi paneer, dal makhani, gulab jamun, bisibelabath, aviyal, vaththa kozhambu that can be determined and arranged as per your liking by the wedding planner.
  3. The various functions of your wedding can very beautifully reflect your culture, whether it be a sangeet ceremony that screams loud and clear of your North Indian heritage or ceremonies like Pendlikoothuru, Kashi Yatra that is the embodiment of the South Indian cultures. Your wedding planner can allow you to enjoy every moment of your wedding by taking on the responsibility of making all these arrangements.
These are just a few ways of merging two cultures during your wedding celebrations. It won’t be an overstatement to say that weddings, whether it is cross-cultural or not, can be stressful and time consuming to prepare on your own. You might have to look around for the right vendors for decor, food, wedding cards, gifts, etc., while also arranging the accommodation, clothing and makeup. To ensure a beautifully crafted wedding celebration that doesn’t miss out on anything important, seeking the assistance of Luxury Wedding Plans can enable you to enjoy every moment but without the constant stress and hastiness. Our experience and expertise is not just limited to locations across India but also exotic destinations abroad. It is our objective to ideate and execute larger than life, grand, magnificent and luxury weddings for you that become the talk of your town.



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