Things you tend to give less importance before your wedding but they actually hold more importance than you think

The choice of cake : The cake on the wedding is not given as much importance as it should be getting. One should go for cake testing and choose the best flavour. Get your wedding cake customized as per your wedding theme.

Choice of song to be played at your entry and at the time of ring ceremony : We all know “Din shagna da” is the song that is played at 90% of the weddings and its time to make a choice out of the box. Choose a song that describes YOU and don’t choose the mainstream path.

Get a pre wedding shoot done

Get a pre wedding shoot done by a professional photographer. Get your candid videos & photos while playing games and having fun. Decide the theme of your photoshoot and let the photographer know which side of you, you like the most and other details which the photographer needs to take care of.

Cocktail Party Theme :

Now, cocktail party is the most fun function before the wedding & one should decide a fun theme for it, for example, mask theme is most suitable for cocktail parties.

Bachelorette Party

This party is organised by you or your chosen bridesmaids before your wedding. There's no hard-and-fast rule on when to throw the party, but about a month in advance of the wedding is a good timeframe—it's not so close to the big day that the bride will be too stressed or too busy to have fun, but not so far away that it will seem anticlimactic. Make a guest list, make the party ABOUT THE BRIDE, Think about your friend's personality, and try to plan something you know she'd love doing, whether that's a winery tour, surf lessons, or karaoke at a local dive bar. And if you're unsure, just ask her! Set a budget by discussing with all the bridesmaids and arrange for the transportation

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